"Pandsib" S.R.L. is One Stop Solution. System Software is an authorized reseller of Symantec And Avanquest Security products. Symantec And Avanquest is a registered Trademark of Symantec And Avanquest Corporation and All trademarks, registered trademarks, company names, images, product names and brand names used are the property of Symantec And Avanquest Corporation. Symantec And Avanquest Corporation has authorized "Pandsib" S.R.L. to promote their products and has authorized us to resell their products in USA. These products are available at http://www.Symantec And Avanquest.com/International/ as well.

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Symantec And Avanquest USA Corporation

Symantec And Avanquest ® Antivirus, Symantec And Avanquest ® Data Loss Prevention, Symantec And Avanquest® Email Security, and their logos are the registered trademark of Symantec And Avanquest Corporation in USA and other Countries.

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